Baptized regenerated old washed away...

Fire still ignited
exhilirating me
you rolled away like thunder
departing me
beholding awesome wonder

Sparking reconstruction
innermost me
man at arms newfangled
reawakening me
hairy chested wrangled

Erecting new man
homegrown me
baptized regenerated old washed away
from me
straddling sawhorse headway



Palms wafting wanton water baptized...

I sighted a true vision
oasis red-blooded stocky bastion,
safety, brawny, sanctuary.

My wellspring clearly unveiled
palms wafting wanton water baptized,
dripping, rapture, heady.

A refuge of cool retreat
a waiting suitor swelling heat,
sensual, earthen, crowning.


I Do Not Fear

The challenge of adversity pending economic cliffs...

I do not fear challenge
of adversity nor despair
from falling off
macro economic cliffs...

My character and soul
does not reside
in a bank account,
its spirit stays on axis...

Yes, a clock is ticking
that which really counts
keeping time well spent,
micro finances require braveness...

Maintaining sturdy constitution
steadies quality living instilled
when individuality is well built,
firmly on ground that does not shift..


Desert Brush and Cattails

Soaking up sun above and taproot underground...

In the desert dry washes
when water flows and soaks

Grasses, brush and cattails
revive with unique splendor
above ground...