Waiting For The Rain

Yucca shimmering hot in dry desert summer...

The Presentation Of Self

In everyday life...

Self-Portrait of the artist by representation in photographs.

The self-portrait is a highly self conscious act by a creative person and may by some considered an act of conceit. Perhaps that might be but consider the artist may have no other subject, is actually more self-conscious depicting others or simply is trying to express who and how they see themselves. It is an attempt to represent the image they wish to project or see themselves reflected in. In some sense it is an act of courage to turn the self inside out for the world to view. It could be an accurate depiction of themselves or a presentment of whom and what they see themselves as.

In this set of photographs my goal was to record myself as I approach my sixties for several reasons. Primarily though for visual documentation as I see myself now to be able to look back on in future years. I have been chronicling myself this way since my twenties, although not in any specific regularity, finding that when I look at past photographs my perception of self as not been much different as documented. There are three photographs, one is an outline of an image I have of myself and another is a standard photograph while the other an everyday act recorded in a unique way.