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Quote of the Day: Shakespeare

Don't deceive yourself and you won't deceive others...

Presentation of Self in Every Day Life

"This above all: to thine own self be true,"
(be yourself)
"and it must follow, as the night the day,
"thou cans't be false to any man."
(Since your presenting your true self, you won't present false intentions)

Act I, Scene 3

[apologies to Erving Goffman]

Canyonland of the Mind

There is no middle ground...

At the bottom of a deep canyon, which is cleaved by river erosion, you are between two walls of high cliffs that cannot be easily climbed. At the bottom you have two options and the one you take depends on the variables of the canyon floor and the cliff walls. For all practical purposes there is no middle ground, even if climbing the cliffs is an option, it is an arduous one with no place to stay. You're either at the bottom of the canyon or on top of the cliff.

If at the bottom, depending if the living conditions are right, it may the best choice to stay there or you can choose to get out. If you choose to get out then there are two more options, you may trek out by river since eventually it will end on open ground or you may be able to hike the canyon wall.

When in conditions that are either one or the other, with no in-between, the method of evaluation is no different than one with multiple choices.

  • Start with available objective facts to gain clarity of mind
  • Use your instincts and subjective thoughts as a guide
  • Look at the options for those with the superior elements
  • Decide which option has the best qualities

You may have to write the facts and thoughts down or diagram them. Possibly you'll reach a momentary mental block, recognize it as momentary, step away from the issue for a bit, return with clearer head. It is key to trust your own judgment.

We are living in an unusual time period and there is no middle ground for most people. You may be at the bottom of a canyon or at the top of the cliff. Either way, depending on the canyon and your circumstances, where you are may not be right and you need to make a decision to change. Despondency and despair will not get you anywhere if you need to get going. It is easier said than done, but making a well thought out plan can take you places. At times it may feel as if you're wearing lead boots but the other choice is fatally flawed.

Trip through canyons of Arizona and Utah: Grand Canyon, Glen Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion Canyon.


Journey through Canyons from Metron on Vimeo.