Hit The Tracks Jack

And doncha come back no more...


Survive Like A Desert

Save and invest for the future...

In minimalism endure drought and thrive after the rainy season.

There is a lot to be learned from the desert. Millions of people whoosh by it on the Interstate on a journey from one place to the next viewing it as a vast wasteland to pass through as quickly as possible. They are unaware the desert is the ultimate example of ages of adaption of not merely surviving but thriving. Everything in the desert is put to good use, stored for when it is needed, an investment in the present and savings for the future to survive well in the harsh times and thrive in the good ones.

We could do well as people by learning how the desert survives hot dry summers with a sparse rainy season. When a summer storm comes it is a gully washer that seeps into the ground and every plant large and small has grown roots deep to pull in moisture for use and storage since it will soon be dry again. All types of animal life scurries about to either drink in the water or absorb the moisture for later use. In the winter seasons when the weather is cooler all creatures and plants, great and small, take advantage of every opportunity to enjoy what nature has provided them in abundance.

The lesson is desert plants and animals have learned to acclimate and change to the environment and make the best use of what is available. There is no complaint because everything that is needed is provided when it is needed. The inhabitants save and store for the future and invest by growing deep taproots and storage spots of water and food for the future. The desert is prepared to make the best of what it has and turn it into something of value, useful, functional and form with a beauty of its own.