Moving Forward

Is the only real option...

Some days the best thing to do is put one foot in front of the other and keep going. They may be slow steps and it's alright to pause for rest but stopping is not a good choice. You risk never getting going again and that is the beginning of the end of progress. Progress is the engine that keeps us moving, idling gives us a brief respite but stopping is the end of the road.

Sometimes it feels as if every inch of progress is dearly bought but the price of losing ground makes the cost of even advancing slowly worth it in the long haul. It is difficult to maintain perspective in times when it seems life is a chore or you own an empty feeling for some unknown reason. At those times know that you are not alone in feeling that way, even though it is difficult to imagine when you're on that clock.

These thoughts may seem like bromides but those concepts have kept many people going and overcoming sluggish times for centuries. It doesn't matter how they're phrased, the principles are the same. Everyone experiences a range of emotions and it is natural to at times not feel so great about life. It's at those times you test your mettle and grow even stronger.

Surround yourself with people who respect who and what you are now and not what you may have been. Mutual help is as American a value as self reliance and the very act of talking to someone who understands in itself helps you to keep going forward. Find someone who understands you as well as you understand them and value that relationship and person.

The act of moving forward in itself leads to momentum of motion, accelerating the sense of going nowhere to going somewhere.