Dream Big

'Tis others lack of vision perceives wasteland...

Dream big
look up, never down
since we as it happens in this big land
are amidst desolation,
control your own hand...

Stand up
forward motion, do not hesitate
'tis others lack of vision perceives wasteland
we my brothers,
must not idly stand...

Move ahead
to stop advancing is taking risk
of losing what is at our command
rather make history,
therefore proceed freehand.


Skimming The Surface

Cocking the eye scrunched to cheat death...

Gliding downstream
breakneck on urban desert street
skimming the surface of
avenue cracked from excessive heat,
a not-made-for-rain boulevard...

Mottled sheen
rain bouncing off rainwater sheet
obscuring oil slicked boulevard
guts required do-not-skip-a-beat,
a four wheeling free for all...

Shimmering gleam
cocking the eye scrunched to cheat
death as it takes a holiday while
tenterhook hanging on keeping my seat,
sole intention not-to-fall-by-wayside.


One Lane Over

There's a guy revving his strapping engine...

One lane over there's a guy
revving his strapping engine
sneak peeking at me
scanning hard it's easy to tell
which direction and how fast
he's boldly raring to go...


Provincial Perspective

Refractive image down the line of Phoenix past...

Refractive image of time gone by
when time was continuum
more consistent which didn't fly
seat of pants without consideration
long term results might imply.

Diffraction future don't ask why
time is cheap and non-sequential
consideration of outcome thereby
thoughtful deliberation out the window
unintended consequences apply.

Just here to make a buck hawk eye
booming leaving before the bust
having long prior said goodbye
we have no inner ethic or conscience
allegiance only to self living banzai.


Lines Crossed The Air

Our wavelength isn't mere hardware...

The lines crossed the air
through atmosphere
connecting as you spoke
electrifying me...

Analog. Digital.
Wired. Wireless.
20th century. 21st cyber.
Talk. Hear. See.

Our wavelength isn't mere hardware
or technical gear
human coupling online unyoked
capturing me...

Technology is merely airfare
on our frontier
to interaction as menfolk
bridging you with me.


Thicket of Brush

Wrestling entangled full out wingspread...

Thicket of brush
is my head,
reeds of thought
intentions I embed...

Scarlet my notions
in the bedstead,
sheets saturating sweat
whispered words said...

Kismet is reciprocal
as in crossbred,
wrestling entangled
full out wingspread.