A Light Rail named Desire...


  1. A very cool picture, my friend! I love the darkness in it (I'm guessing-only guessing-that it's hard to get Phoenix to look dark when it's light out) but more than that this one hits me like little bits of different times coexisting...and yes; I've seen that "coexist" bumper sticker and normally mutter something under (or over) my breath when I see it but the word is a good one to describe what I see here: Light posts with those ubiquitous banners on them; cars and the infrastructure for trains; old buildings (seemingly old anyway, from here); wires and lines and new things I'm sure I'm missing...and of course the palms and the sky and the ground. Much coolness going on in this, and I like it very much. Plus the labels made me look up Van Dyke Brown, which led me further to be glad I live in a time when this kind of coolness is possible without mixing chemicals and rinsing prints thirty times. I exaggerate but you know what I mean. In many ways times are very good. Lots of cool things around; this picture among them. Thanks for posting it, JR!

    1. You've pretty much captured Mike what I hoped to achieve in this work but wasn't sure if I had or not. Several people whose opinion I value (including you) have given me positive returns on this one so I suppose sometimes what you're least sure of does very often work. Van Dyke Brown is my favorite color to work with and it's hard for me to keep from overdoing it as well as sepia, platinotype, tobacco, mixed with burnt yellows for that matter. I worried that this was too muddied rather than dark and it took quite awhile to get as close as I did. I'm really pleased you see the vision of "coexist" the same way I do and not in the bumper sticker sense. Thanks so much for commenting!