Geography of the Mind

Lifelong Learning...

It seems to me that the people I've met throughout my life who have weathered storms and disruptions between the good times are always learning. During periods when things are going well they take advantage of opportunities to acquire knowledge while they are abundant, to learn something new while they can. It can be anything, not only formal education that is worthwhile, although that is certainly one thing to take advantage of, also anything that comes along in their work and daily lives.

When times are difficult learning manifests itself in several ways, one is that what we learn during good times becomes more valuable and is turned into a second learning connection, which is appreciating the value of past learning and the chance to really implement and expand it. Problematic junctures in life present new ways to figure things out and solve problems, learning skills on the way to a better era when past experiences can then really bloom. If our minds are constantly open to new ideas and concepts, then we stand a much better chance of passing through each passage of our lives with ease.

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