Give me an I...

Prose was once play
putty on my fingers
molded thought clay...
In some mad game
now I scrabble for letters
to words that once came...
Verse however does flow
posing as poetry
however in reality I know...
I need full sentences
complete paragraphs
to reflect musing behind my lenses.


Revelation Dawned

A sunrise vision awakened...

Through speculative window a revelation dawned,
shifting frame of thinking...
unexpectedly, swiftly, precisely,
mind's eye scales peeled off
abruptly, promptly, directly.

Time substantiated a sunrise awakened,
lighting skyline of visioning...
unpremeditatedly, quickly, exactly,
mirror of the mind cleared
rapidly, agilely, expeditiously.

Life is more art than science
though science interprets facts of life
building blocks for creating
a world we interpret as our own.
Hence we make art,
authenticating our reason for living.


Desert Dawn

Ambrosia for heart, soul and spirit...

Still of desert morn
sun reflecting earthen color
tinting sabbath sky breaking 
dawn resting day.

for heart, soul and spirit...


Feathers, Leaves, Sticks and Stones

Blown in by a dust devil...

Dancing dust devil spun
a small gyration of dust
carrying remnants of scattered earth,
leaving random odds and ends
on my upper floor unswept tile.


Whirl to my head feathers
a recent gust to soul
transporting fragments of strewn thoughts,
arriving haphazard sticks and stones
returning, requesting my mind's attention...


Blades of Brush

Wild grass against sky...

Blades of wild grass brushing,
cutting edges across firmament.
Sky blue,
Leaf green,
Sun yellow reflecting white...
Artfully composing teal tinged
portraiture of nature in miniature.


Hopi Maiden

Cool of morning, resting in prayer, with water pot...

Water Song Sculpture Series by Martha Pettigrew
Sedona Hilton Hotel, Arizona



Just got a little more awesome...

On the very day your ashes
were interred on earth,
dust to dust...
The sky emblazoned sunset
here on temporal terrain,
sunbeams though radiated...

Skyward kingdom rising.

You slept only a celestial moment,
then in a twinkling of an eye,
raising up met eternal heir...

Just got a little more awesome...

(Much appreciation to Scott W for inspiration.)


Eucalyptus Waking

Greeting the Arizona sun at dawn...

Arid zone of two seasons,
summer and winter, daily waits
nightfall to cool the desert floor.

Respite in which it rehydrates,
nevertheless, usually greeted
each morn on a new date...

With the sun it cannot ignore.


Crossing Chasm Canyon

Writing life unedited is meant to be bolting...

Crossing chasm canyon my soul,
suddenly bereft seeks out in desolation
innovative thinking to resurrect the spirit
searching renewal to be once again whole.

Suddenly synapses discharged like lightning,
striking forthwith connecting brainstorm
to fertile ground of my flowing mind that
writing life unedited is meant to be bolting.

Signaling a new standard for placid existence,
a perception since canyon wash is ever shifting
trekking earth depends upon fortified walls with
a consistent and constant yet flowing conscience.


Walking Sideways Seeing Red

Tortoise-like getting myself upright again...

A precarious balance this
walking a fine line business,
one foot in front of other 'tis
at times equilibrium bootless...

Breakneck a step lands amiss
suddenly sideways you lose footing artless,
then artfully rocking hard like a tortoise
you upright self to restore compass...

Though landing on feet is braveness,
the spirit is transposed nonetheless...
perspective and color forever redressed.