Purple Mountains Majesty

Wagon trail where buffalo roamed...

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  1. I did check out Google+ but I just can't face the thought of spending a big part of the rest of the night either figuring out what my google+ account is (and I think I have one) or re-signing up for it. So I did what I should've done anyway and headed back here to comment on a post or two.

    The second I saw this one a couple days ago, it made me flash back to a picture in (I think) EB White's biography, of EB and someone else sitting in a Model T on what looks like a cattle path, in a setting probably almost completely unlike but yet reminiscent of this picture; apparently if you drove Out West in the early 1900s, or traveled by wagon in the 1800's, or if you were in the old jalopy the Carter Family drove from Maces Springs to Bristol in the 1920s, you were...well, a heck of a lot more tied into things than we are now.

    I won't lie and say I envy those people and their lives but I do envy the beautiful things they got to see, whether they (who of course would probably envy our lives) appreciated them or not. Maybe we all show up at the wrong times, though if time is worth anything I don't see why that might be.

    I may be thinking too much LOL. Anyway, sir, it's a great picture. I love the colors and the rusticity (?) of it, and the lines...something about seemingly unintended lines on a pic that work, to my mind. Very cool, deep pic, JR! Thanks for posting it!