Arizona 3rd Congressional District Primary Candidate

Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker is Red...

There is a disconnect between what minority and ethnic groups believe in principle and the Social Democrats have a vested interest in keeping them believing they're oppressed. 

Actually their views align more with the change that is happening in the Republican Party (the rejection of Corporate Republicanism and acceptance of candidates like Rand Paul) than the far left Social Democrat agenda of Obama and incumbent Democrats and Democratic Party candidates. American people of color are no different than most Americans, they have a work ethic to obtain what they aspire to, want to achieve ownership on their own merit and don't want what they earn confiscated by the government. The myth that only the Democratic Party has their best interests at heart is because that party would like for them to believe they have been cheated. Democrats offer them false protection in the guise of "hope" in order to maintain their grip on their vote, taking them for granted.

"The Democratic Party has done a good job of selling to the African-American, Latino, Asian community...this is your party." Vernon Parker

However when he asks these individuals:
"Do you believe government should give you everything?" Response: NO!
"Would you like to live in government housing?" Response: No!
"Would you like your taxes increased?" Response: No!

Phoenix Channel 3 is an unaffiliated local channel that still manages to produce local news primarily in a fair tradition. This video is a story on Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker who is running in the Republican Party for Arizona's 3rd Congressional District to fill the seat being vacated by John Shadegg. Parker overcame growing up in an area blighted by drugs and violence through the love and support of his family, to graduate from Georgetown Law School. A small businessman, his focus is reducing taxes and policies to help the private sector create jobs.