Arizona Sunrise and Sunset

Azure sky tinged with indigo, gold and copper...

In Arizona it's not difficult to get photographs of spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Like most people here I probably shoot too many but I try to get something a little different in mine. A theme of some kind.

On my list of "top ten" things I like to photograph is telephone poles, crossboxes, cannisters, workout terminals, lines, switching stations. It is kismet that I would work for the old Bell System for almost thirty years since I was fascinated by phones and communications before I can remember. An old family photo taken by my father is of me playing with a telephone. There is something intriguing that telephone lines are cables with strands of copper, which is a color mirrored in the sky.

Street lamps, power derricks, cell towers, traffic lights also rank high on my list of things that draw my attention. Perhaps it is my fascination with the sky, sun and clouds combined with above ground utilities that transport the infrastructure that make our lives work that causes me to look up.

 There are beautiful skies all over the world. Don't miss them, sunrises and sunsets, clouds, stars, sun and moon and look for themes. You can never get enough.