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Quote of the Day: Timothy Geithner

Thanks, but we tried you're idea and it hasn't worked...

Smart people learn from their mistakes, not stubbornly repeat them. 

"If the government does nothing going forward, then the impact of policy in Washington will shift from supporting economic growth to hurting economic growth," Mr. Geithner said during an interview with the Wall Street Journal in the U.S. Treasury office, citing the example of countries who "shift too quickly to premature restraint" after a crisis, including the U.S in the 1930s.

Timothy Geithner
U.S Treasury Secretary
Geithner Warns On Inertia, Urges Action On Economy
Wall Street Journal 09/12/10

IMHO: Lame Duck President

It's even worse than we thought...

There is now a whole new meaning to the word "lame" in the expression: "Lame Duck President."

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