Obama's Cheap Shot Joke At The Expense Of A State

No One In Arizona Is Laughing...

Obama Shows Lack of Class and Couth

The President of the United States is the head of the Executive Branch of the Federal government and holds the interests of all 50 states and represents them all. He should respect each state equally if he in turn expects the states and it's citizens to respect him. President Obama showed his true colors on May 1st when he made a tasteless joke about Arizona at the White House Correspondents' Association Annual Dinner:

"...And we all know what happens when you visit Arizona without ID, ADIOS, AMIGOS!"

Whatever you think of Arizona's Immigration Enforcement Bill (SB1070), no matter your party affiliation or political leaning, everyone should be appalled that a President would make a joke at the expense of a state on a subject that is at best, touchy. The correspondents all laughed but they would, they cover the President and are integral to the Beltway culture...actually they're not far from being members of the Political Class themselves, in spite of proclaiming to being "journalists."

My upbringing taught me that no matter who the President was, whether you had voted for him or not, he was to be respected because of the office he held. How does he think children and young leaders in Arizona will learn that respect if he doesn't respect the state they live in and have no control over what adults do?

This has given Governor Jan Brewer ammunition for her campaign for governor and she has seized the opportunity. This is the political ad she has running on media outlets and the internet.