The Walk Of Life

Life is a map full of cracks and gaps...

Navigation requires an accurate compass for the right direction.



Tearing down to build anew...

It doesn't take very long to tear down and takes longer to build up.


We Didn't Earn it

Why we didn't get here the old fashioned way...

Where I live at least we are becoming a society divided somewhat simply. It's not a complex demarcation nor is it the old "have and have nots" or the classic "rich and poor" although it may seem that way. Those factors do come into play but I think it's far deeper than that. We've come a long way since the sixties and seventies when racial, ethnic and economic lines were departmentalized with absolute clarity. Rather I think we are divided by a significant segment of society that had come to believe that everyone was entitled to anything they wanted without real effort to achieve it.

Now we are almost five years into an economic downturn that doesn't seem to be turning around we are sorted out by resentments. There are indeed people who have fallen through the cracks and that cannot help their situation. Far more so we are in disunion due to so many losing much of which was not truly earned and they resent it not really understanding why. The stratification of society that once was along racial and poverty lines had become leveled out by providing too much money for consumer goods that gave the wrong sense of equality. It was not an equitable distribution of wealth by raising standards of those capable of doing so regardless of racial, ethnic or economic background through true education and hard work. Rather it was a good old American quick fix of throwing money at a problem to instantly make people happy.

There are those who will argue with this point stating that it wasn't the people's fault but the leaders who foisted it upon our society. There is no responsibility in blaming "The Man" for our current condition of contrasting classes that is merely another shifting of and avoidance of facing facts. No advancement in society in history has been achieved without raising the standards and education of those capable of doing so and hard work. It takes effort, time and generational change and cannot be bought, given to someone or bestowed by wishful thinking.


Crossing The Bridge

Making the connection on emblazoned landscape...

Wires overhead crisscrossing as a roof
mere guidewires under emblazoned path,
serving as analog map on historic trail.
The past has odd connection with present
as we approach, crossing pedestrian bridge 
using mobile phones over digital air, 
traversing our way to station of light rail.


Sticks and Stones

Underneath are buried names that didn't hurt me...

Tis not true that names do not at first hurt,
hurled like stones they attempt to hit the soul
like sticks striking to break psyche bones.

Tis the brave soul that faces real truth,
that those who fling utterances of dung
are best disregarded, since their souls...

Are mere dried sticks useful only as firewood.


Keep It Simple

Classical absence of complication...

There is a lot of discussion in the photography and visual art world around why monochrome, black and white and less complex images are becoming more popular. Some are mistaking common black and white street photography and minimalism or ministract as the thrust of the movement but although it is an element it does not encompass all of it. What I am referring to is what appears to be a reaction to photographs or visual art that has been highly post processed or overly emphasizes an overly complex style and high ornamentation. Specifically images that are so highly edited that for many the color is garish, the perspective stretched beyond belief and has gone way beyond fantasy into freakishness. I admit to not caring much for this work either but if someone else likes it that is their choice. Personally I do like a well processed photograph that is striking although that is not my skill or style, I much prefer processing pictures into visual art that appears more as art which is not a photograph, painting, drawing nor collage.

The current dialogue came to me serendipitously and not as a conscious decision and I am not completely in any camp of one style or technique and view it as interesting from afar. I find defining myself into a class or style too limiting, preferring to go wherever my moods, current skill level and personal progression as a person and artist leads me, both in writing and visual art. Recently with my photography I had to make a change in editing programs I was using due to limitations, lack of support for the 64 bit operating system I use and the programs were unstable. It brought me to the decision to learn more than simple Photoshop and also Adobe Lightroom. Simultaneously I started learning to use Android camera apps more vigorously which has brought me to a renewed sense of starting afresh. I view it as opportunity since now I am unable to produce artwork that has multiple layers upon layers of post processing. It has led to a more rudimentary way of producing pieces as I acquire new skills combining getting the knack of mobile photography apps with the ins and outs of a professional version of Photoshop. I haven't begun to touch Lightroom yet after some initial sense of being overwhelmed therefore decided one step at a time and that brings the topic back to simplicity.

While in the midst of my own progress of rendering my visual art while in mastering mode my output has naturally been less complex since I am still gaining skill with new tools as I am creating. As happenstance would have it as it usually does I've become a curator of a monochrome art page on Google Plus (Monochrome Arty Club) as well as in various places discussions regarding the popularity of certain types of images. Let me state that I am not a fan of minimalism or ministract finding them stark and difficult for me to do but to each his own. Also I often find that the idea what you leave out speaks without being present actually often leaves the viewer sensing something really was left out. Nonetheless as I am cracking new tools and processes I am also out of necessity relearning the value of simplicity, its elegance and charm while creating my own preference in visual art. In the evolution I believe I am acquiring skills that are beginning to produce a more refined and cultivated work that is categorized simply as my own.