Granite Dells

Postcard from the past circa 1974...

We two siblings sat among big rocks
staring, thinking, wondering
having one of those silent talks...

Cross-legged our young life at crosswalk
gazing, reflecting, pondering
what were soul marks of chalk...

Unexpectedly we had lost paternal building block
furrowing, growing, thundering
heads compelled to take stock...

After a short while we packed up eyeshades
knapsacks, water bottles and day hiked out
to years layered upon decades,
like boulders enduring without doubt
soon forgetting the fragility that pervades,
every breath taken could still phaseout.

I sit alone now surrounded by same rocks
contemplating, reasoning, pardoning
mortal life for being a ticking clock.



Verde Canyon Railroad tracks direction desert flats...

This rather reflects the state of my being lately
a little desolation is good for the soul I think,
allows the spirit to regenerate and grow...


Rain Droplets That Laved

Clinging to Prickly Pear cactus pad to be saved...

The raindrops came fast and furious
as they do in desert downpours,
every drop savored and to be saved
seeping into storage underneath desert floor...

Pavement of hardened dry sand buries
fast at first then swollen slowly restores,
above ground rain droplets that laved
clinging to cactus pad before sliding subfloor.