Big Sky Winter

Clouds casting light and shadows over high desert...


  1. This is awesome, JR.

    Seriously; you have big mountains out there, way bigger than here (no knock on the NY mountains; they are plenty high enough), but you still can see that the sky is much bigger. That's not obvious to everyone.

    ...and I love technology and wild colors, but this wouldn't be half as good if it weren't monochromatic. Perfection has its moments. This is perfect. Thanks for posting it!

    1. ...and so Mike you know why it's called "Big Sky" country. These are the lower end of the Rocky Mountains on the west side of the Continental Divide. Just north of these mountain are very forested alpine mountains with large trees but you still can see the mountains. It is the one thing I really missed when I was in the South for a few years in the Blue Ridge Mountains...the forest was like a canopy and although beautiful and green you couldn't see much of the sky. I suppose all that rain, another feature I wasn't real fond of, made the trees grow that way and make it so green. It was a different kind of beauty and I did enjoy it but was glad to see "sun and sky" again!

      I seem to portray landscape much better as monochrome or monochromatic with few tones or pure "split tone" rather than full "Kodachrome".