Color It Southwestern

Budding tree emerging from desert winter...

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  1. This is one of the coolest posts ever, JR. It offered me a new perspective on things I never expected, although I should've.

    I looked at this the first time and obviously thought it's cool...but later it hit me: the tree looks just like a mostly-disintegrated maple leaf. Much larger, of course LOL, but really, it has me thinking a tree is just a giant leaf. It's an interesting distinction to make; goodness knows more thinking is always fun. :D

    (Not complaining at all...more thinking is definitely a good thing in cases such as this.)

    Thanks for posting this. I'm sorry if this makes no sense...I've been looping Dylan's "Tombstone Blues", which in my case can lead to, shall we say, interesting trains of thought. But I figure, so be it.