Music Break: The Springfields/Dusty Springfield

Double Header...

Island of Dreams
The Springfields (Dusty and Tom Springfield with Tom Feild)
Live TV 1962


You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
Dusty Springfield
Live TV 1966


Word of the Day: mistext

Oh, the web we weave...


A test message containing information (usually unflattering or damaging) about a third party which is sent to the individual it concerns rather than the person for whom the communication is intended.

Text written for a secret lover is inadvertently sent to partner, making it a mistext:

"On my way home, (partner name) suspicious, don't call."

Urban Dictionary

FWIW: I'm Too Uncomplicated

The complexity of deception...

I don't get involved in elaborate schemes or circumstances because it's always way more trouble than it's worth. I can't keep fabricated stories straight and I'm a terrible liar, so I keep my life simple because it's more manageable for me. Similarly if I screw up, I just come clean, it's a whole lot easier on me and the truth always comes out anyway.

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Your stimulus dollars at work...

Improving the same good roads, while leaving potholes on others.