Arizona Blooms on the Ides of March

Season of "Just Right" blessed by lots of rain after Season of "Cool"

Desert Broom in bloom
Phoenix has three seasons: cool, just right and very hot. This has been an unusual year since we have had a very rainy winter with rainfall in the Phoenix metro area since January ranging from 4 to 10 inches according to rainlog.org for the period between January 1st and March 14. This has caused a lot of early blooming and an abundance of greenery after a very dry decade of drought.

March is generally when we can tell what type of summer we will have and so far this look's very good. I can not remember having a winter weather like this since the mid-nineties. What a great way to start a decade.

Spring Leaf Buds
We know that we can look forward to very hot but many of us like that season. It's far more enjoyable though after a mild cool winter and a spring of just right.