Blue sky meadow and evergreen...

In sunlit blue sky meadow
rises deadwood tree,
standing, stately, stature still
revered, protected, fondly,
by longtime companions


Lights That Beacon

High timber guides through shrouded canyonland...

Through the mists with lights as beacons and high timber
that guide us through shrouded mortal canyonland.
We head down a road that twists and turns
round a bend and then lifts upward,
onward to evergreen heights unmanned.

Ah! At last...
Sierra vast with boundless vision for which we yearned.


Bird Chirping In Tree

Coaxing sun burning through clouds...

In the urban landscape a tree reaches
skyward underneath somber clouded mask.
In this desert no phenomenon natural or otherwise,
heaven or earth, escapes the blaze of sun.
In deference to its natural calling
a bird chirps, coaxing and taunting muted sun.


Sunflowers Basking in Light

Bedding against the granite wall...

In defiance of the gravelly ground
crumbs of weathered granite wall,
among quarrelsome arable terra firma
for seeds, roots and sowing...
determined sunflowers nourish,
basking efflorescence in light.

In courage among former rock-bound
dregs of paltry earthen landfall,
toiled agreeably brushing desert delta
mesh arid, rocky to growing...
destined inflorescence flourish,
upward thrusting to height.


This Is Us

Only you and I overcoming odds...

We ride together
You and I,
Some times in silence
Most times talkative
At times squabbling.

This is us
With family and friends,
Long lost to bad choices and death
Economic crisis and self destruction
Drugs and alcohol,
Separating them from our lives.

We still travel
You and I who survive,
Overcoming all odds in a society
That bet against us,
Yet look what happened...

The very things social order intended
To use for our annihilation,
We turned to our advantage.
Used the scourge to strengthen our will,
Overcoming adversity to rise above it all.


The Rains Came

Pouring in unscripted and unpublished...

The rains came,
fast and furious,
hitting hard on my soul.
Flattened by events,
unawares, unexpected, unprepared...

The drops drilled down
boring stony and drunken,
clobbering surface of my psyche.
Flatlanded unwitting from behind,
awakening, changing, deepening...

Cloudburst flooded across,
washing rapid and hypersonic,
forging a drain to my essence.
In no time flat infilled a reservoir,
postponed, stockpiled, forthcoming...