Bird Chirping In Tree

Coaxing sun burning through clouds...

In the urban landscape a tree reaches
skyward underneath somber clouded mask.
In this desert no phenomenon natural or otherwise,
heaven or earth, escapes the blaze of sun.
In deference to its natural calling
a bird chirps, coaxing and taunting muted sun.


  1. I've been meaning to comment on your other posts this week (and I probably will, because they're all cool) but it's been a strangely unthoughtful, non-creative, cruddy and solitary week on this end of things. No idea why; just one of those things I guess. Life, maybe.

    But this one has driven me from the sidelines...

    The first thing which struck me was the idea that you'd captured an image from one of those old console TV sets...not that I've ever seen an image from one of those early ones, but I've always wanted to. I figured the pictures would all be rectangles leaning to rounded corners, partially unclear but clear enough. I could go on and on about how odd it is that no one seems to have one of those old TVs anymore, but no one does and wondering about it changes nothing. :)

    I love the picture and I love the poem...they strike me as expanded haiku, if that makes any sense. Anyway, they are great and I can't tell you how inspiring and cool (!!) it is to see them. Creativity is one heck of an inspiration to me; your post is medicine, sir.

    1. Actually Mike I have very vague memories of those old console tv sets since my grandparents had one until the late sixties thinking tv was unimportant so why get another one? Especially when you live in what was then remote Arizona and only had one channel that was black and white. So...I hadn't thought of this in that context but now you mention it it is reminiscent of them.

      What I had thought of last night as I was adding the verse to this visual art piece that it was kind of like haiku in long form. I'm glad you caught that since it verifies what I was thinking and that also gives me a better sense of direction of where to go on the free form poetry I've been playing around with.

      Thanks once again for commenting and I am pleased that you have been following and liking this stuff and that it is medicine for you. I'm beginning more and more to understand the "art as therapy" concept in a very pragmatic, real way these days. It's hard to redirect into thinking that when we're having one of those "strangely unthoughtful, non-creative, cruddy and solitary weeks" as you put it they usually turn into a creative burst sooner or later. Having been through those periods myself recently I get it and hope things are getting better. Thanks for sending your cool thoughts back my way!