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Quote of the Day: Jon Talton

In a country where high self-esteem is unearned...

They say the old end up in another country even if they stay where they are. Such a realization is coming younger now, at least to those who are paying attention.

The popular story concerns the opposite direction: The supposed postponed adulthood of Americans with twenty-and even thirtysomethings living at home with their parents, etc. The New York Times Magazine devoted a long thumbsucker asking, "Why are so many  people taking so long to grow up." Talk about a foreign country: My generation couldn't wait to get out on their own. I can't even imagine.

[T]his current "won't grow up" phenomenon is rooted in privilege. It also includes many middle-class young adults who are living off the wealth that their parents inherited from a generation of Americans that actually made things and fully participated in the fruits of the dying middle class. The latter will not last.

[S]till, it makes you wonder about the future of a society where infantilization and sloth are becoming not just acceptable, but a norm to be celebrated and studied and explained by professors and shrinks.

Jon Talton
"The slipstream of time"
Rogue Columnist

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