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Until I Fall Away...


Quote of the Day: John McCain

McCain says he doesn't back 14th Amendment change...

McCain said the Founding Fathers deliberately made the Constitution extremely hard to change and that he is fundamentally in favor of leaving it as it is.

When asked directly if he'd support such an amendment, McCain said: "No. I mean first of all we'd have to have hearings, we'd have to find out what the argument would be, but I certainly don't at this time."

Arizona Senator John McCain
"McCain says he doesn't back 14th Amendment change"
The Associated Press 08/13/10

A Sonoran Desert of the Mind

Arid economics...

It occurs to me that in this era rules of the desert apply:

  • Carry your own water, lot's of it. Keep your eyes peeled for water sources.
  • Careful where you tread. Watch for black widows, scorpions and rattlers.
  • Respect cactus. They're survivors and have thorns and spines.
  • Know where you are. Have a map and GPS, the desert can be disorienting.
  • Avoid the spotlight of the sun. Stay in the shade, wear a hat.

How to Build a BioSand Filter