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We Have Gifted Our Individual Sovereignty to Statism Bullying

To be fairly represented, we must represent ourselves...

This video "Who Represents You" is by Jerry Day, (mininvanjack on YouTube), of Jerry Day Productions who has done an excellent series on the US Census Bureau. In this video he discusses how we have given over our political and government system to Statism, those who advocate that government is the best place to achieve social, economic and political goals and the manufactured "Left-Right Puppet Show."

Statism and the current condition of our country is antithetical to my nature and I believe it goes against the natural inclinations of man. The US Constitution upholds principles against Statism and I believe we are currently under the influence and direction of elected representatives and bureaucrats who have effectively implemented Statism. This is unnatural to human nature, harming our society and should be a matter of concern to all of us.


Agree or disagree with the conclusions of this video on the direction the US has taken in overreaching government control, one thing is certain in my mind. This is a recurring theme I hear variations on from all segments of the population, regardless of gender, ethnicity, racial background, sexual orientation or where people tilt on the political scale. It occurs to me that this alienation, combined with an economic crisis that is not recovering as the Political Class and Mainstream Media attempts to sell, with still extended high unemployment occurring after 40 years of government intervention in hiring practices, along with other factors...can only sooner or later lead to a manifestation in some way of the dissatisfaction of the general population with the status quo.

We are indeed in a staged "Left-Right Puppet Show" and too many people have fallen into the trap and right now our country is more sharply divisive in opinion than I can remember since the late sixties and mid seventies. How this proceeds and gets resolved is still "best guess" right now for the average person. I would say though that to mock anti-tax Tea Party and libertarians or tax advocating New Urbanists and far left (pick your labels on either side) may be at our peril...we may find that Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich adherents have more in common towards a common goal than those sitting in the middle trying to please everyone.

"Everyone's friend is no one's friend."