Back To Basics

Returning the emphasis where it originated...

This blog has been through several metamorphoses since I started in 2007 and the first few years posts aren't visible since they were correlated with my videos on YouTube and no longer relevant. The development to where it is today is logical to me although not easily perhaps to others. It has always been writing augmented with the visual for emphasis and explanation but above all whether it was telecommunications, history and economics, social networking, overcoming adversity and maintaining optimism, visual art...the underlying theme has been communication with others.

This year I've found myself increasingly enamored with using some freeware photo editing tools I discovered and spending more time on turning photographs into visual art and less time on writing. I don't regret it since I've discovered that I've revived a creative outlet I'd forgotten long ago I was good at. Although this has been a positive personal development I feel as if I'm losing connection with my writing and blogging skills. As I mentioned in yesterday's post I outgrew the freeware and am now learning Adobe Photoshop Elements and Lightroom 4. Eventually I'd like to grow into Photoshop CS6 and Adobe Creative Suite but it is going to take time.

Meanwhile I also want to focus again on writing the short missives I do as blog posts since the reaction to those has always been pretty positive. In that sense this blog will have come full circle once again and will be thoughts, ideas and commentary on what I'm thinking that very often a lot of people relate to in addition to displaying my developing skills on new editing platforms. My thinking is that many people had an affinity with that aspect of my work and are missing it as I now do. It seems to me it falls into the category of often when anyone is "writing out loud" somewhere out there someone else is mulling over the same thoughts. I miss that sense of affinity with others who are also constantly thinking.  Some posts still may be solely visual art, others with a renewed interest in poetic verse but mainly a blending of my writing and visual art. Who knows? I may go back to doing videos again since I certainly have enough road trip footage to communicate how I arrived where I am from where I've been.