Great Books Unbound

Reading great books and discussing their ideas is entertaining and enlightening...

The Great Books Foundation was founded in 1947 with the goal of helping people think and discuss ideas through groups discussing books selected as "Great Books." Reading, discussion groups, talking with participants and what is gained from the discussions are the subject of this video.

Great Books Unbound from The Great Books Foundation on Vimeo.
Passionate discussion of books that matter is alive and well as The Great Books Foundation hosts Great Books Chicago.


Invest In Yourself

Engage in self improvement in turbulent times...

Invest in yourself while seeking shelter from the storm:

This era of Great Disruption due to technology and the internet, economic difficulties, political divisiveness and social problems can be disturbing to even the most even keeled of us. The world at large is in chaos of one order or another and it is difficult to remember that we have little control over much of it. We do have control over how we observe it, engage with it, cope with it.

I'm reminded of the era between 1968 and 1974, when in the US everything seemed turned upside down with racial tensions, university student disruptions, the draft resistance movement, urban riots, Kent State Shootings and Watergate. There were times when it seemed society was hopelessly mired in social ills with no end in sight. Who knew that Deep Throat was feeding Woodward and Bernstein information that would ultimately bring down Nixon? That was the beginning of the end of scary times during which many of us felt this country was dead-ended. Nothing lasts forever, change always happens.

Where we go from here in this time period is not within my foresight, although I have some ideas of what could happen. This time healing and recovering is going to be a long and deep process for most of us. The best thing to do in times like these is seek shelter and stay out of the storm, while observing for change in the weather. Staying out of the social storm doesn't mean personally stopping though. Engage in self-improvement, take care of things you've been meaning to, prepare yourself by building a foundation out of methods that have stood the test of time.

These six items seem to be good on an agenda:

1. Take control of your life.

2. Invest in (formal and informal) education and your mind.

3. Improve and maintain your physical and mental health.

4. Build solid relationships with good people - people good for you and people you're good for.

5. Devote energy to your business or career and/or make plans if you currently don't have one.

6. Think positively, turn away from negativity and engage in good self-talk.