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Word of the Day: technorealist

Technically speaking...

technorealist n. a person who has a balanced and realistic view of technology.

Example Citation: "In response to these views, the dissidents wrote a manifesto calling for "techno-realism" and calling themselves techno-realists. This manifesto, instantly given it's own website at http://www.technorealism.org - rejects the 'louder voices at the extremes' in favor of a more balanced consensus, a 'fertile middle ground between techno-utopianism and neo-Luddism.'"
-Edward Rothstein, "A rather benign declaration on the internet is treated as a revolutionary manifesto." New York Times

Paul McFedries
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All the technology in the world...

doesn't always make routine tasks simpler.

Sometimes the best way to operate a process is classically understated by leaving digital technology out. They are best handled by pen or pencil, quad paper and printouts, clipboards and checkmarks, looking at a clock to monitor the time.

They are usually the most basic duties that need to be done, in an environment that heavily relies on computers and technology. Although surrounded by technology, these small tasks are unnecessarily complicated by technology and much more easily tracked by office practices used since the beginning of the Industrial Age.

An example is running a computer based lab with 35 people taking various courses or tests with different starting and ending times. It's more efficient to keep a list, with columns and check boxes, aided by a printout, neatly held together on a clipboard .

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