Pardon Me For A Moment

While I adjust my cross-wired brain...

Pardon me for a moment
while I adjust my cross-wired brain
nether my remaining hair...

As I settle with unsolicited claimant
a cloud seeded foggy moody rain
that drizzly dampens my air...

Obligating me to be patient
whilst relieving headachy pain
reasoning out impermanent despair...

This encounter is recurring and ancient
history has schooled is part of life's terrain
for living full and a begrudging transient affair.


Gleaming Arid Grassland

Windmill tanque de agua entre rocas...

Windmill water tank among boulders
watchtower over gleaming grassland
arid plain lit by cast of sun...



Aged and dry refashioned with new mission...

Taproot went far down and deep
no more surface water to seep,
aquifer ran dry far underground,
tree now windbreaker earthbound...


Seventeen Miles Out

State route where railway unloads...

Seventeen miles out state route where railroad unloads
then down dusty desert floor sagebrush road
a well-intentioned displaced rerouted life is burrowed.

A few hundred yards away from Depression water tank
sits tilted trailer where awhile ago Ennis sank
near watering hole by mountain from which cattle once drank.

The strait jacketed life of his era never did fit
many times years ago tried his damndest to make a run for it
heartbrokenly his running buddy didn't have guts or wit.

Without regard of today's dustbowl condition he does thrive
spiritedly independent and every day anew revives
that hotspot within that has kept him doggedly alive.


Adventuring Sorrow Road

Blue buckled and weary expedition...

Adventuring sorrow road
blue buckled and weary,
expedition to mountains
earthly, ghostly, bleary.

Harrowing sadness 'til furrowed
rugged path paved sagely,
wagoneering mesas and canyons
dodgly, deftly, gamely.

Traversing time eases load
memories rich in bronzy,
making the way not so blacken
dusky, loamy, calmly.