Pastoral pastures near Arizona Canal...


  1. My mom has an old painting (a print, I think) called The Pasture which depicts a couple people and some cattle at, of course, a stream...that's something we call "very Adirondacky"; it's as if people made a goal of being as ironic as possible as often as possible in the mountains. Rough-shored ponds are inevitably called Round Pond; almost every motel or cottage up there (and MAN do I wish I was up there right now so I could say here) has paintings of clipper ships or black-and-white photos of Eddie Fisher or desert scenes or wonderful Rockies landscapes...and I'm serious about all of that, even the Eddie Fisher picture. Which makes the irony here that I am NOT at all being ironic...anyway, the whole point of all of this was to say that for some reason the cattle in your picture look exactly like the cattle in that Pasture painting at my parents's place.

    Luckily, the rest of the scenery looks quite a bit different, so no worries. Just coincidence. Maybe. Anyway, very Adirondacky. :)

    Very cool picture, JR!

    1. Very cool Mike that what you call "Adirondacky" is actually the very type of "atmosphere" if you will I was trying to attain. It's a kind or both ironic and an iconic style that is also seen here Out West in motels, cabins and lodges I suppose in the similar vein of the Adirondacks except more "western" especially if you throw in a few Indian paintings or prints. In any case it's all very American and goes to show that although the images might be regionally different the concept is not.