Music Break: Buddy Holly

That'll Be The Day...

Live TV 1957


Word of the Day: dead text

Truly non-verbal communication... 

dead text: a text that is received too long after it is sent so you are no longer obligated to reply to it.

I received a message from my friend the morning after it was sent asking if I was still up, so I decided not to reply because it was a dead text.

Urban Dictionary

IMHO: Political Clowns

They're all Bozos on the bus...

"Our Bozos are more funnier than your Bozos."

My impression of Democrats trying to persuade voters that Tea Party candidate primary winners, who are Republicans, are looney and therefore it's "safer" to vote for the Democrat opponent.

Three Perspectives On Medical Cannabis

Schedule 1: "no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States"...



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