Three Perspectives On Medical Cannabis

Schedule 1: "no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States"...



Produced by Paul Fein and Alex Manning

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  1. I would like to think that the only thing keeping medical marijuana on the sidelines is that non-users haven't seen the real effects it has on very sick people firsthand.

    I had an experience many years ago where a friend of a friend who was soon to die of leukemia was extremely ashen and vomiting. Our mutual friend pulled out a joint, lit it and gave it to the sick man...I can't explain what happened other than to say that the effect was miraculous and almost instantaneous.

    I won't ever forget that. I've never smoked marijuana but since that night I've known I wouldn't hesitate for an instant to get some for myself or loved ones if it was necessary. The laws would not concern me; the effects outweigh them by so big a margin that the laws are laughable-except to the people who have to languish in suffering because of them.

    I think the best thing pro-medical-pot people could do is make videos showing the almost-immediate changes that sick people have after smoking it...and in the meantime ask everyone they know to think about the idea of outlawing a plant. They are PLANTS; God or Goddess or whatever you want to call what made them, made them. Was God (etc.) wrong about marijuana? And if so, should the motto be changed to "In God we trust, except for pot?"

    I'm being facetious but I'm also dead serious...and I started this with "I would like to think..." because what I really think is that it might be too easy to grow to be an effective taxable good if it were legalized. It sounds cold to think of someone sitting there weighing potential taxes against established fines and surcharges-and surely leaving out little details like incarceration costs-but I would not be surprised if it's happening.

    Anyway, from my non-user perspective: legalize it.