Morning Blue

Contrails crisscrossing big sky...

Blue has always been my favorite color. That might sound trite since it seems to be the color everyone likes the best. Green runs a very close second for me as do shades of tan and brown. It is blue between violet and green on the light spectrum though that strikes the deepest chord. I'll spare you the comparison to nature, relationship to moods and deeper meanings. Simply enjoy it.


Sun Rays

Penetrating glass heat radiating outside...

Jeep Thrill

Deconstructed and ciphered...

There was a time I posted every day. It was a compulsion.

The same was true of social media in its infancy. An early adopter I was burned out by 2010 and I was off all platforms except somehow I got sucked in by Google+. Mostly because I wasn't about to let go of my blog which originally was an adjunct to my YouTube channel. Google suddenly switched and it became connected to Google+. My daily blog posting evolved into interaction on Google+ which is a ghost town to me now. An introvert living in an extroverted world doesn't mind that.

Taking photos every day and editing them was once a necessary compulsion. More recently I still edit daily finding it a fulfillment and a creative outlet more than ever. I break pictures apart and create an enigma that I may or may not be able to  resolve. Usually they turn out fairly well and occasionally not. It makes perfect sense to me in a nonsensical world. Nowadays I post sporadically. Time for a rethink on my blog and we'll see what happens on Google+ since it is highly unlikely I'll be on another platform.

It seems right to post regularly here again. The backlog is pretty large.


Papago Buttes 1954

Before suburbia surrounded town...

Copper, Cattle, Cotton, Citrus and Climate,
Air conditioning was evap cooling,
Preexisting invasion from Back East,
Sans Southern Californians,

There were wranglers with boots,
Goldwater, 1954.