Jeep Thrill

Deconstructed and ciphered...

There was a time I posted every day. It was a compulsion.

The same was true of social media in its infancy. An early adopter I was burned out by 2010 and I was off all platforms except somehow I got sucked in by Google+. Mostly because I wasn't about to let go of my blog which originally was an adjunct to my YouTube channel. Google suddenly switched and it became connected to Google+. My daily blog posting evolved into interaction on Google+ which is a ghost town to me now. An introvert living in an extroverted world doesn't mind that.

Taking photos every day and editing them was once a necessary compulsion. More recently I still edit daily finding it a fulfillment and a creative outlet more than ever. I break pictures apart and create an enigma that I may or may not be able to  resolve. Usually they turn out fairly well and occasionally not. It makes perfect sense to me in a nonsensical world. Nowadays I post sporadically. Time for a rethink on my blog and we'll see what happens on Google+ since it is highly unlikely I'll be on another platform.

It seems right to post regularly here again. The backlog is pretty large.

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