Thinking Out Loud

Politicians are bullfighters in an arena that is a divisive sport of hate...

A Call To Action

The political arena, specifically Democrats and Republicans, this Administration and the outgoing and incoming Congress, has become the province of divisive mongers of collective hate, incapable of providing any real solutions to problems. They are perpetuated by an old school media that is increasingly making itself irrelevant. Answers to the pressing issues of our times, the need for advances in social problems, economic conditions, science and technology, can now only be resolved outside of the toxic world of the self-absorbed political class. How we, as a people, withdraw from their dominion, has become increasingly difficult but must be undertaken.

It is the leaders outside of politics, from the worlds of business, education, creative endeavors, other affiliations and individual citizens, who now must be the artisans at bringing people and organizations together in new ways, crafting solutions to today's dilemmas. The political world has rendered itself moot but not harmless.

The United States has solid underpinnings laid by the Founding Fathers, that are still relevant and can carry us into the future but must be disconnected from current political figures, who are not connected to those roots. Therefore they must made useless by creatively neutering them, since they will not go quietly or be ignored. Using the sound principles our country was originally built upon, the machinery of government can carry on without the current rascals, as much as they self-importantly insist they are the arbitrers of the affairs of the people and commerce of the United States. We need to rid ourselves of them as surely as our forefathers did of the British overlords and replace them with people whose ideals of government are minimalist and non-interfering in our the lives. It is a revolutionary idea whose time has come.

It will not be easy making these people understand their services are no longer needed nor wanted since they are convinced they are the government, rather than the people of the country are the government. Yet, it can be and must be done. Skillful leaders from outside the political arena must artfully maneuver around them, to advance science, technology, education, commerce and creative endeavors and move our country and economy forward into this century, rendering the present poisonous political parties and mainstream media moot and useless. Simultaneously the real American people, those that have been uninvolved in the nonsense and silent too long, need to rise above the din, go into action and work to elect and reconstruct a real government based on Constitutional principles we all deserve.

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