Timeless Tableau

Clouds play light, shadow and color on landscape...


  1. This is one of your (or anyone's) best. The whole of it is awesome, and it wouldn't be half as good if you'd gone anything but panoramic with it. Perfect width-to-height ratio...and the darkness of the upper-right over the clouds (which I swear are doing what all clouds seem to be doing and reminding me of a resting face, though obviously that's just my mind messing with things :D )is perfect.

    Seriously my friend: whatever else you do or don't do, please never erase things like this. Keep them to yourself, share them, sell them, whatever. Just don't get rid of them.

    This is perfect.

    1. Thanks Mike I'm pleased you appreciate this since I also consider it one of my best pieces...not to worry it won't disappear. This one will actually be printed on canvas along with a few other pieces I want to get done for my wall. Others I will sell but not this one I don't think.