Lonesome Road

Go thirty miles past railroad crossing to water tank...


  1. I can't put my finger on exactly why, but this picture strikes me as if it were taken of someone's miniature (but very-detailed) model railroad setup...I think it's the water tank that's throwing me off; it looks like it just hatched from the dry earth.

    The scene looks lonely, for sure, but sometimes loneliness is the perfect setting. I'd say this picture captures one of those occasions.

    I dig the fence/overhead-wire balance, and especially think it's cool that (at least on my monitor) none of the wires seem to be going to the lone utility pole.

    Just a very, very cool picture, JR.

    1. Interesting perspective since in real life this is a very desolate and expansive part of the state but now you mention it I see why you perceive that Mike. I'm learning a different editing program and have a similar photo that I've processed in a similar way I'm posting for tomorrow with verse. On Google+ I've gotten some really cool comments from Arizona and NM on this piece which pleases me. The wires you see are actually the main power lines and the other pole is a telephone pole sending a lonely line down the road. Thanks for commenting and stopping by!