Promised Land

Pearly Gates beaming up new angel in rapture...

Karen Snyder Counts (1955 - 2012)


  1. I saw this just before I left for work this morning and there wasn't close to enough time to have anything worthy to say about it.

    Your sister (and you, of course) have entered my thoughts a lot the last couple of weeks...they have not been good weeks (though believe me when I say I am NOT comparing bad times here with horrible times there); I've spent most of them feeling very...acausally down, might be the only way to say it. I thought about my own sister and her distance, and I thought about your sister and the situation I was somehow pretty sure you were all going through. Two examples that couldn't be more different (given the sameness of some of the factors involved)...and yet...

    I came to the realization yesterday afternoon that there are four kinds of people in the world. There are the always-upbeat people the always-negative people; the people who shut their souls off and assume neither of those emotions, nor any other for very long; and the people for whom life would be nothing without dynamics. Maybe I'm wrong about that but it's been almost a full day since it hit me and it still feels pretty much right.

    I'm thankful to at least feel like I belong in the latter group; after all, it's where you and all the other interesting thoughtful soulful heartful people hang out.

    I'm just babbling because there's nothing to say except this: you've made an awesome thing here, sir. What better tribute could be made to a fighter (which your sis certainly was) than to show the light continuing after the fight has ended?

    You done good as a brother here, my friend. Real good.

    I'll leave it at that, because really, that's all.

    1. It's taken me a few days to respond to your comment Mike since I rather buried myself in editing photos but one can only take the mind of certain compelling things for a brief time...

      Which returns to your rather prolific comment regarding "people for whom life would be nothing without dynamics." It is another of your astute comments that is most timely.

      The dynamic of this year for me seems to be a long goodbye, chiefly of course to my sister since although it was tinged with a certain bittersweet reality. It was also an opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with each other but also to say goodbye to some notions about life in the larger sense.

      The rest I will save for a prose post, long overdue since I've been taken with verse more recently. I was frankly bereft of what and how to write the prose so familiar to me.

      Thanks for stopping by Mike, taking the time to make a thoughtful comment and my thoughts and hopes are for the best possible outcome with you and your sister.