Square And Compass Masonry

Flagstaff 1917 Masonic Temple historic building...


  1. This is very cool. I like the angles and the darkness and the...heaviness, might be the word. It definitely conveys the idea that things are going on which most people are unaware of; this feels a lot different than Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton's Raccoon Lodge...though for all I know it might be the same. I've never been much for secret handshakes, so I wouldn't really know. :)

    It wouldn't be half as cool without the tile roofing near the bottom, though again, I have no idea why. But it doesn't matter. It's just cool because it's cool.

    Thanks for posting this (and all the others, too), JR!

  2. I was kind of surprised how the features of the photo that you mention also reflect the enigma of the "fraternity" that houses it. This building is historically significant for a lot of reasons and one is the red tile roofing as well as the overall architecture of the building. They started construction in 1917, five years after statehood but it still has a lot of elements of "Territorial" style architecture.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting, especially since you always make me feel as if I really am cool!