Rain Droplets That Laved

Clinging to Prickly Pear cactus pad to be saved...

The raindrops came fast and furious
as they do in desert downpours,
every drop savored and to be saved
seeping into storage underneath desert floor...

Pavement of hardened dry sand buries
fast at first then swollen slowly restores,
above ground rain droplets that laved
clinging to cactus pad before sliding subfloor.


  1. I first want to reiterate what I think I, uh, iterated before: I haven't been avoiding viewing your work on here, just haven't been feeling very wordy lately. I haven't felt I had anything to say to almost anyone lately and Google +1'ing things without a word to say seems too much like going through the motions for me. Nothing against it if it works for others; I just know I +1'd a bunch of your posts a week or so ago and it felt like a cheap cop-out to me; your efforts deserve either commentary or silent appreciation, I think. So from now on, I'm going to go one or the other of those routes. I know; I'm weird.

    Anyway, the artwork is awesome. I love the slightly-out-of-focus-but-also-not thing you have going on with this. It inspired me a week ago to try something which in a way completely different but which...well, you could see where the inspiration came in. It's not remotely great but I might have to toss it up on here just for evidence. Or maybe not, but either way your pic is cool.

    Then comes the poem, with that "fast and furious". I've read it a bunch of times, and I think it's very, very good.

    As many times as I've tried to write poetry, I can't say I've ever come close to understanding poetry; when critics talk about the "music" in it or try to explain what I should or shouldn't be taking from it, they lose me completely.

    To hell with critics or understanding. I get this. Whether it's about cacti and raindrops or something else entirely, or both, I get it. It's got me thinking and feeling. It's doing a good job.

    Sorry for this nonsense, sir. Thank you for the post.

    1. Not to worry Mike I haven't felt very wordy myself which is why I haven't written a prose blog in awhile. It's not that I don't have a lot things I'd like to express because more than at any time in my life I do right now, I'm just not up to writing them. As for poetry I know little to nothing about the various forms of it and I refer to mine as "verse" since to me it's more prose that may or may not rhyme and/or have some rhythm to it. Basically it is an abbreviated expression or description of the piece I've posted mixed with the state of mind I'm in.

      The fact that you understand it and call the artwork awesome is enough for me. Too much emphasis is put on whether this or that art form meets some criteria when actually all that matters is the end result. If that result is that discerning people such as yourself with and "eye" and "ear" for these things like it then that is what is important not self proclaimed critics.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Mike, I enjoyed reading it very much!

    2. Oh...and as for "+1" and stuff to me they fall into the category of "like" and such. I don't do it much myself anymore mostly because I realize it is another tool used by Google and all these sites to aggregate what content you the "+1er" or "liker" prefers for some nefarious purpose. Therefore I don't look to them and they're much like the number of hits to my blog...most days I hit around 100 or so and then some weeks I'll get get well over a 1000 but hits are not my goal. For years if I got 20 hits it was surprising so I know how these things come and go so don't seek it.

      This is just my little corner of the web I put my stuff up and people can "hit" or "+1" it or not but it's basically like a hobby, something I like to do and if people see it or not "oh well." That's not to say I'm not pleased when people see it and comment on it because I am and grateful for it but it isn't the primary reason to do it.