An Adventure

Is how magical we make the trail we take...


  1. It's funny how things work out and seem like coincidences...after I read and thought a lot about your comments tonight, and after spending several hours proofreading and slightly editing my mom's next book (which is a rough job, not because she isn't an excellent writer but because she keeps writing stuff that makes me laugh or cry or otherwise lose proofreading/editing focus), I set the job aside and figured I'd watch some TV. Of course my idea of TV is Netflix at this point. I don't have cable TV and I sure don't miss it, but every so often I just want to watch something new. New to me, anyway. And so tonight I watched an (I guess) old A&E documentary about Mr. A. G. Bell.

    I like to think I have an idea about what's going on in the world, but I really don't. If I did, I would've known that he was involved in the one thing that I have always wondered about...and I am not saying it's more important than the telephone, but it's always been a bigger deal in my mind: how did Helen Keller learn to talk and write? I still don't know and I never will comprehend it, but it seems as though Bell was very much involved. It's an odd thing to be fascinated with but I really...I think I am semi-smart but I can't fathom how the teachers and the student bridged the gap. I love that they did, though.

    Then I saw images and heard testimony about airplanes and National Geographic and hydrofoil speed records, and the whole time it hit me that either the whole bunch is a lie or someone's been hiding all this stuff since at least the early 70s. I got into school then, and never knew about anything but the phone...and there's so much to say about the timing of the patent application (so strangely parallel to the Marconi/Tesla radio situation that it's scary)and everything else. But I'll almost shut up, other than to say that Bell and his wife married on my birthday in a double-digit year, which puts them right next to E.B. White and myself in some weird little place I never imagined any of us would ever be in...I can't explain why that might seem cool as anything to me, but it does.

    Anyway, sir, my point in all this nonsense is to say I checked this picture tonight an loved it even before seeing the sign in the corner. Even before reading the "phone trail" in the tags.

    This is a great picture anyway, JR. Showing up in the context it has, has done it no disservice. Does have me thinking more, though.

    Thank you, sir!

    1. I'm not sure Mike if any of us really have an idea of what is going on in the world but as Lily Tomlin said "What's reality anyway? Nothing but a collective hunch". I think some things aren't really coincidences though either and there is some form of mechanism in the universe that connects things in an odd way for some purpose but I can't prove it and it sounds kind of crazy to most people.

      So your experience with Netfilx, A.G. Bell and the Phone Trail somehow relate although I can't connect those dots. It is interesting though since I wondered how many people would notice that sign and connect with the tags. It's more than "good eye" since the Phone Trail is an old original one long before this part of the Verde Valley was turned into a government owned park and actually cut and used to place phone lines out in a once more rural area (before tourist attraction days) to remote ranches.

      I like the magical mystical adventurous quality that somehow came out while processing this and since this area is known for vortexes and the like...well who is to say there are no coincidences or connections?

      As an aside I long ago gave up cable tv and local tv doesn't transmit well here so it's either Netfilx or Hulu on the rare occasion I do want to see something different. I like that our old meeting place YouTube has a lot of long TV shows and movies now also for those times I want to see something different and "check out".

      Thanks for stopping by Mike and writing a great comment!