Granite Dells

Postcard from the past circa 1974...

We two siblings sat among big rocks
staring, thinking, wondering
having one of those silent talks...

Cross-legged our young life at crosswalk
gazing, reflecting, pondering
what were soul marks of chalk...

Unexpectedly we had lost paternal building block
furrowing, growing, thundering
heads compelled to take stock...

After a short while we packed up eyeshades
knapsacks, water bottles and day hiked out
to years layered upon decades,
like boulders enduring without doubt
soon forgetting the fragility that pervades,
every breath taken could still phaseout.

I sit alone now surrounded by same rocks
contemplating, reasoning, pardoning
mortal life for being a ticking clock.


  1. This is beautiful. Very cool picture and extremely cool writing.

    I admit it: that period closing the fourth stanza, after the ellipses that closed the stanzas before it, hit me in the head. And the heck of it is, I saw it coming. Still got me. :)

    Really, REALLY cool, my friend. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Thanks Mike...this piece both picture and writing came to me and the first three stanzas of the verse flowed but the fourth took me by surprise and I stumbled a bit to the closing. After I finished it and re-worked the photo and went back to the writing, revising and finishing it I thought I might have something. I appreciate your comment since if you were struck by it at that point then I know I did get to where I wanted to go with it. The picture and verse fit as one and your thoughts are worth a lot. Thanks again my friend.