Arizona 3rd Congressional District Primary Candidate

Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker is Red...

There is a disconnect between what minority and ethnic groups believe in principle and the Social Democrats have a vested interest in keeping them believing they're oppressed. 

Actually their views align more with the change that is happening in the Republican Party (the rejection of Corporate Republicanism and acceptance of candidates like Rand Paul) than the far left Social Democrat agenda of Obama and incumbent Democrats and Democratic Party candidates. American people of color are no different than most Americans, they have a work ethic to obtain what they aspire to, want to achieve ownership on their own merit and don't want what they earn confiscated by the government. The myth that only the Democratic Party has their best interests at heart is because that party would like for them to believe they have been cheated. Democrats offer them false protection in the guise of "hope" in order to maintain their grip on their vote, taking them for granted.

"The Democratic Party has done a good job of selling to the African-American, Latino, Asian community...this is your party." Vernon Parker

However when he asks these individuals:
"Do you believe government should give you everything?" Response: NO!
"Would you like to live in government housing?" Response: No!
"Would you like your taxes increased?" Response: No!

Phoenix Channel 3 is an unaffiliated local channel that still manages to produce local news primarily in a fair tradition. This video is a story on Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker who is running in the Republican Party for Arizona's 3rd Congressional District to fill the seat being vacated by John Shadegg. Parker overcame growing up in an area blighted by drugs and violence through the love and support of his family, to graduate from Georgetown Law School. A small businessman, his focus is reducing taxes and policies to help the private sector create jobs.



  1. Vernon Parker likes to preach conservative values, but that didn't stop him from taking a "minority grant" from the federal government to form a business that shows businesses how to to implement affirmative action.


    The grant had to be taken back because it was falsely certified. Another politician fleecing the American taxpayer.

  2. People are watching this race, and seeing Vernon Parker as the african-american candidate and little else, but voters need to see Mr. Parker for his attributes that matter. Vernon Parker is far and away the candidate with the most personal accomplishment and experience in this race.

    Personal Accomplishment

    Vernon came from beginnings that were humble to say the least. He was raised by his grandmother in poverty, and through hard work and self motivation, he was not only able to go to college, but achieve a law degree from Georgetown. Some candidates in this race have been able to ride the accomplishments of their parents a long way, but Vernon Parker has been able to pull himself up by his bootstraps and looks to do that again for our great nation in Washington.


    To whom you are born does not constitute experience. Experience is working as a personal assistant to President. Experience is working as an Assistant Secretary of the Department of Agriculture. Experience is serving as the Mayor of Paradise Valley. Vernon has worked Washington, as well as here in Arizona. He knows how to lead, and wants to do it for you and I, the voters of the Arizona 3rd congressional district

  3. I met Vernon and I liked him. He's really down to Earth and knows what he's talking about.

  4. I looked into his business dealings and he was later certified because some government paper pusher screwed up. VP was on the up and up the whole time. Its sad that little Bengie Quayle and his hired thugs have to attack a good man.

  5. @Kylie ...I agree that he should not be viewed as "The Black Candidate" but I also think that he is smart enough to realize that he has to address the issue, we're a long way from "color-blind" in this world. I've read a lot about his background and do believe he has overcome adversity and his personal achievements exceed the other candidates.

    @gamibro It's interesting that the story quoted about him is from 2008 and that azcentral (or other media) never followed up and reported that he did get certified and that his initial denial was due to bureaucratic error.

    Full disclosure: I grew up in the 3rd district but live a few blocks away now in the unfortunate 4th District.

    I had a brief encounter recently with Vernon Parker when I was hiking at Squaw Peak and he was shooting a campaign video and we walked by on the trail. He paused, acknowledged us and was quite personable and a gentlemen. He was down to earth and natural.

    As an aside...it's telling that most of Quayle's information always references him as "son of Dan Quayle" as if that was an attribute and a qualification. It makes him appear as old school neocon riding on his father's coattails. The focus should be on his qualifications if they are worthwhile.