"I Have Not Read The Law"

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer does it again...

This time with puppets. Her new campaign ad is "Arizona-Sing-Along: Read Immigration Law!" and is catching on. The ad is quite clever and if nothing else, Jan Brewer is taking advantage of riding the crest of a wave. She's gained popularity since signing SB1070 and her goal of increasing the sales tax was passed by Arizona voters last Tuesday, May 18.

Her popularity may be short-lived when the backlash hits over her pushing the sales tax increase, which slapped hard the unemployed, low income and fixed income citizens (there are many in this state) in the face. The campaign to back the law was not supported by Republicans (she is running in the August 24th Republican primary to become elected Governor) but rather by their natural opponents. The primary force was public sector and teachers unions, their sympathizers and the Democrat Attorney General, also running for Governor in the Democratic Party primary.

When people realize it was false advertising by the proponents because Arizona public schools, beneficiaries of the sales tax, are notorious for bloated bureaucratic administration staffs and that the sales tax doesn't actually put teachers in the classroom...the joke will be on her.

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