Fiery Silhouette

Tree outlined in shadow of sun...


  1. There's something about this one that hits me as very Oriental, if that's still an OK word; the bends in the branches make me think of a Chinese (?) needlepoint (again:?) my mom has...of course there's the desert in this, as opposed to some bird I'll never see and a few symbols I cannot interpret in the top-right corner. So I guess you have your own Oriental style here, sir. I'm tempted to name it Desert Oriental, but it doesn't need a name so forget it. :)

    Cool things are cool, no matter how hot their locale. This is very cool, JR.

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    1. Thanks Mike, I appreciate what you're getting at and think you've hit upon part of what I'm trying to achieve more of these days that is prevalent in Oriental work. That is that there is beauty in simplicity even though a lot of thought and work went into it.

      I've been meaning to respond to your comment on "Purple Mountain" but still a lot of air has gone out of life since my sister passed away. This will pass I know and a month later I'm just now grasping some meaning out of all of it and I believe there is some meaning to life. (Hence Frankl's book "Man's Search For Meaning.) It also means though I'm not getting around to doing things as much as I used to while I'm sorting all this out.

      I will say it has changed me and it's not all doom and gloom but rather for the better. "That which don't kill ya makes ya stronger."