Against All Odds

Deadwood still standing...


  1. I usually check out your blog in the wee hours before I head to work; being the procrastinating type, that usually leaves me about three seconds to view or read what you've put up. I marvel without fail and always plan on commenting later, and often do not. I offer none of this as an excuse, just as a reason.

    All that nonsense said: this is mind-blowingly cool. What it me first was the collision of the sky with the severe clouds; they may not be thunderclouds but they are serious in their efforts to block the blue sky out a little (or a lot)...but what gets me is the tree, bursting up and rising through the mountains and the clouds and on into the blue? gray? anyway clear-looking sky. Great picture, JR! Thank you for posting it!

    1. ...and thanks for appreciating the different variables I worked on in this black and white. It still blows my mind that clouds can be so rich and well...pregnant, in this western environment while Big Sky is so clear be it blue or gray. Thank you Mike for the great comment and stopping by!