Boom Town Reassembled

You can never get enough vacant square footage...


  1. I probably shouldn't be smiling and chuckling at the subtitle of this, but I am anyway. Guilty as charged.

    I have very little to add to that except that the boom crane/boomtown combo was awesome...not foreboding, like those cloudy skies, but awesome.

    Thanks for putting this up, JR. It made me smile sincerely, in the "damn, I'm glad some other people still get it" way that smiles sometimes travel.

    1. Why not smile and chuckle at it? The craziness of the building that is still going on here is unfathomable to a thinking mind. Interestingly ASU business school has a Real Estate Institute and they're all over this subject and the consequences. If you can believe it we're poised for another real estate housing crash in 2013, it's like the Phoenix Metro area never learns. I'm hoping to skedaddle to points northward in the state by 2014 to get out of this urban madness. I'm glad you still also "get it" Mike!