The Walk

On desert wash where living water will flow again...

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  1. I love this one because it reminds me of a lot of my own hikes in very dissimilar locales which somehow share the whole sometimes-a-trail, sometimes-a-creek-bed thing...many mountain trails in NY are ostensibly run-off trails, and can be wet at the seemingly driest parts of the year. It's a pretty neat thing to witness, really, because a mile or two away (or more, sometimes) there are people going about their lives and complaining about how dry it is, never once suspecting that just a little ways away it's plenty damp...it's kind of a fun little secret to know about, I guess. I'm not sure that's how it is in the desert but I'd suspect that even there, these kinds of things happen on occasion.

    Great pic and great post, JR. Thank you!