Rainy Day Through Windshield

Overseeing paved paradise parking lot...


  1. This is awesome, JR.

    At first it hit me as being a very "Starry Night" sort of picture, but then I checked back (as I always do because somehow what I notice changes sometimes) and the sky hit me as having some sort of implied Ralph Steadman thing going on...totally nutty thing to think, for sure, but it makes me smile. I like the weird connections pictures make sometimes, but at some point I face facts and say: this is a JR pic, for sure. Even if the phone lines are mostly (again with the word!?!) implied.

    Great picture, man!

  2. ...okay...I was sure I was done with talking about this one but maybe the word "Ralph" hit me because for some reason I am compelled to look from the bottom to the top of this very slowly and imagine it's an alternative beginning to The Honeymooners, where trees replace skyscrapers and Jackie Gleason's face has many more moons to choose from.

    Strange connections, but fun ones.

    1. This was a totally out of the blue (pardon the pun) work Mike since I started out with a very basic simple composition of a different tone and just started playing with filters and effects for the fun of it. The end result completely surprised me (again) and I kept looking at it myself and wondering what it was that struck me about it. I suppose Ralph Steadman is as good as any and in the seventies when I was in my twenties I envied his work. So a great compliment at that and I'm glad you got that there are unintended but subsequently connections and liked it!