Wooden Pallets

Stacked handy awaiting forklift load...


  1. This is probably the simplest one you've posted in a long time, which of course makes it much less than simple...

    First of all, after having checked this out a bunch of times--sure I knew what I thought about it--it got me that it could pass as a dismal NY skyscraper photo with very little change...which isn't fair to say because of course you'd have to cut the heart out of the picture...I hope you get what I mean, because the observation stuck with me and still does and makes me happy. It's just a cool pic that can be seen in more than one way...

    And so I admit to seeing this in bigger, better ways than skyscrapers.

    My family business (I know I've discussed it a lot but I'm discussing it again) was a sheet-metal fabrication business. One of the benefits of having to deal with heavy sheets of steel was the accumulation of pallets.

    Every once in a while I'd fire up the chainsaw and cut them up...the results heated my parents' home (and camp, when the wood made it that far north) on many, many occasions.

    Once in a while someone would see me cutting and wonder if I was getting ready for a bonfire. I wasn't.

    Anyway, JR, thanks for the chance to look back and smile. Not very green of me, nor of you for providing the impetus of my thinking and digging the memory of the wood heat. Oh well.

    1. Every once in awhile I like to do something simple and minimal. I liked this because of the angle, gradation of tone and that it was a natural substance and that it could evoke different things for different viewers. I suppose that is the main concept about simple and minimalism but I don't think too conceptually on "styles" if you know what I mean. So it's evoked one thing for you, something else for others and for me I saw it also as frames for going into different depths of perception.

      So in a sense I guess I did hit this one right and I'm glad you saw that. Thanks Mike again for commenting!